Karl Rove | Doctor Spin

Doctor Spin is the ultimate spin doctor and the master of illusions able to hide anything and everything from all but the most discerning of sense. He is able to create simple and complex holograms whose effects last from a few hours to a few weeks (even months).

He is extremely loyal to Petro-Man having been the arch-tyrant’s lackey in countless campaigns and battles.

One of his greatest assets is the clown-like costume and make-up he sports leading enemies to under estimate him giving him a tactical advantage during battle. Beneath that pasty exterior and the rictus grin, however, is a calculating mind that neither forgives nor forgets. As soon as you let your guard down he’s going to be all over you and you’ll be lucky to have a reputation to stand on after he works his spin doctor illusion on your public image.

Powers and Abilities
Doctor Spin has the ability to create illusions though mostly he conjures simple ones because the more complex a mirage is the harder it is to maintain. Like the Jedi, his particular brand of voodoo works best on the weak-minded and takes great effort for people with a more critical frame of mind.

Not really a fighter, Doctor spin relies on his tricks to do most of his work for him and only goes for the jugular once his enemies are down.


“All that doeth evil hateth the light” the good book is quoted as saying. Once you see through Doctor Spin’s illusions he will run in circles trying to keep the mirage up until he knocks himself dizzy.

Quotable Quotes
"Somebody gets to be smart and somebody gets to be dumb. If we win, it'll be because of the president. And if we lose, it'll be because of me."