Condoleezza Rice | 9 Lives

9 Lives is considered as the most powerful woman in the world and Petro-Man’s right hand (wo)man. She augments his power to wage war by rallying those who are under his control and intimidating others that try to resist their rule.

Extremely agile and sharp-witted she is a particularly hard opponent because she hardly stays still long enough to become a target. She also possesses a healing factor which allows her to bounce back from almost any injury and wounds and giver her unbelievable stamina and staying power.

This is also the reason why she earned her moniker 9 Lives because just as you think she’s done for she always finds a way to land on her feet or bounce back from almost certain defeat and even death.

Powers and Abilities
Like her costume and her name suggests, 9 Lives possesses the agility and the sharp claws of a feral feline and just as deadly. Training all her life, her acrobatic skills serves her well in battle
disorienting her enemy who is more used to enemies standing still long enough for them to punch and kick at.

She also has a quick healing factor which gives her the ability to recover from any damage inflicted on her body as well as an amazing stamina.

Because of her unique position in The Legion of Doom, 9 Lives more often than not inspires mistrust among her comrades. They’re more likely to turn on her than help her on certain situations.

Quotable Quote
"We don't want the smoking gun to be a mushroom cloud."
–National Security Adviser Condoleezza Rice, on Iraq's nuclear capabilities and the Bush administration's case for war, Sept. 8, 2002