Al Gore | The Green Solution

The Green Solution is the owner of one of the most powerful weapons in the universe.
A ring which creates anything the bearer can imagine and sustain with his will out of solid light.

The Green Solution took it as a sign that he uses his power to protect the environment since the hue his ring emits was green. He performs his task with zeal and enthusiasm and even waxes philosophical which is always lost on the villains that he battles on a daily basis.

Despite his experience, The Green Solution retains an almost child-like quality and always looks at the bright side of things which led his team mates, The Super Friends, to dub him as The Green Optimist.

Powers and Abilities
The Green Solution is able to create constructs made from solid light from his ring. The things he can create are only limited by his imagination and will last as long as his will power can sustain his creations. He can even create complex machineries and the like as long as he is intimately familiar with its inner working and mechanisms.

His ring has a limited charge so if he expends his energy too much too soon he can find himself in a compromising situation with no means of defense especially if he can’t get to his power battery to recharge his ring in time.

Quotable Quote
“A leopard does not change its spots.”